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C21’s YouTube Report 2014


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YouTube has revolutionised the entire video landscape, offering new talent access to a global audience and providing established producers with tools to cash in on existing IP and develop entirely new properties. The site, once regarded a pariah by the traditional TV industry, is now beginning to look a lot like the television platform of the future. This season speaks with leading players shaping the new 'YouTube economy.'
C21’s YouTube Report 2014
Report date: June 2014

Report price: £299.00

Report editor: Jonathan Webdale

Report chapters:

C21’s YouTube season wrap
With the former CEO of Maker Studios now suing the firm and RTL buying into BroadbandTV, the pace of change in the YouTube channels universe shows no sign of slowing.
Alloy casts new mould
Alloy Digital has expanded rapidly after acquiring YouTube’s most subscribed-to channel, Smosh, but CEO Matt Diamond isn’t only focused on the video sharing website.
Vice squad goes global
Vice has grown from a Canadian hipster fanzine into a global publishing phenomenon, with a multimillion-viewer following on YouTube. Julian Blake reports.
Sideways glance
Matt Heiman of Diagonal View tells Jonathan Webdale why the company doesn’t only focus on YouTube videos and why the site’s original channels were absolutely needed.
No crazy fool
Ricky Gervais’s revival of David Brent may have helped launch YouTube’s Comedy Week but Ash Atalla, producer of The Office, is sticking with traditional TV, he tells Jonathan Webdale.
Starting from a fresh base
Bolstered by investment from The Chernin Group and having won pitches for a string of YouTube original channels, Base79's Ashley MacKenzie tells Jonathan Webdale what’s next.
Broaching ‘broken’ doc taboo
Sundog Pictures used YouTube to release its film about the war on drugs. Co-founder Johnny Webb tells Jonathan Webdale why he thinks the traditional model for feature-length docs is broken.
Right on track
Charlie Muirhead, founder of Rightster, tells Clive Whittingham how he's making YouTube and other online video platforms pay for his company's clients.
ChannelFlip cues up the quips
ChannelFlip is producing YouTube’s first Comedy Week in the UK. Co-founder Wil Harris tells Jonathan Webdale how such initiatives are transforming the site.
Factoring in the future
Simon Cowell stole headlines with the launch of The You Generation, but Endemol had its own YouTube talent show years ago and is being more ambitious, Tim Hincks tells Jonathan Webdale.
Fullscreen ahead
Fullscreen is the number one YouTube channel management specialist in the US. Founder and CEO George Strompolos tells Jonathan Webdale how the firm is aiming to become the next Viacom.
Battling for hearts and minds
YouTube’s explosive growth has given birth to a new industry as start-ups like Maker Studios jostle to sign online’s rising stars. Jonathan Webdale reports.
On the subs' bench
Stephen Nuttall, senior director for sport at YouTube EMEA, tells Clive Whittingham where the platform sits in the sport space.
Little Dot on the horizon
Former All3Media commercial and digital media director Andy Taylor explains why he has co-founded a new YouTube-focused start-up.
Fremantle dreams a dream
The television industry's attitude towards YouTube has changed radically over the past few years – especially that of FremantleMedia, the company’s Keith Hindle tells Jonathan Webdale.
Virgin puts paid to YouTube
Earlier this year Virgin Media became the first UK TV platform to give YouTube a place within its main electronic programme guide. Cindy Rose tells Jonathan Webdale why.
Red Bull's giant leap
Felix Baumgartner’s skydive from the edge of space broke records, including that for YouTube’s biggest live event. Red Bull Media House’s Alexander Koppel speaks to Jonathan Webdale.
Feeding Food Tube
Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube was one of Europe's first original YouTube channels. Fresh One Productions’ Zoe Collins tells Jonathan Webdale how it has turned from producer to commissioner.
YouTube’s growing pains
Richard Broughton, head of broadband media at IHS Screen Digest, argues that despite making major strides in professional content, YouTube still faces significant challenges.
Ricky Gervais's YouTube channel
Channelling YouTube success
While Felix Baumgartner’s space dive and Gangnam Style stole headlines about YouTube last year, Ben McOwen Wilson tells Jonathan Webdale the real story was rather different.
The YouTube generation
YouTube has revolutionised video, offering new talent access to a global audience and giving producers the tools to cash in on IP. Jonathan Webdale introduces a special season of articles.