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NHK hunts down Icon feature doc

Feature doc Okavango will look at the region through the eyes of local people

Japanese pubcaster NHK has commissioned an 8K ultra-high-definition natural history film from Icon Films and the Natural History Film Unit in the UK.

The two prodcos have started work on Okavango, a feature doc exploring the Okavango Delta in Africa and the wildlife that lives there.

Using the latest filming technology and with unprecedented access from the air, on land and underwater, veteran natural history filmmaker Brad Bestelink and his team at Natural History Film Unit will film in the Delta over a full seasonal cycle.

The story will be told through the eyes of indigenous river people of the Okavango over 14 months.

Icon Films commercial director Lucy Middelboe said: “NHK has previously acquired several films from the Icon Films/Natural History Film Unit partnership but this is our first direct commission from NHK. It is a great pleasure and privilege to be working directly with NHK.”


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