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Wind Sun Sky Entertainment to launch kids’ platform promoting climate action

Time-travelling eco-conscious superhero Future Chicken

Canadian multimedia company Wind Sun Sky Entertainment (WSS) is teaming up with ecological hub Ontario Water Centre to launch a multiplatform digital platform designed to empower children to take action on climate change.

The initiative, called Potatoverse, centres on a time-travelling eco-conscious superhero chicken called Potato (aka Future Chicken).

The platform will feature a variety of entertainment and educational experiences, including a series called The Future Chicken Today Show that uses game-engine animation technology to allow the main character to interview young climate experts and celebrities about how to take positive steps to help the planet.

Geared primarily towards kids aged 6-10, it will also include hundreds of animated 30- to 60-second videos, games played on Roblox and podcasts for families. The project is set to go live in September under the Future Chicken global brand.

The initiative is spearheaded by WSS CEO Catherine Winder, who was formerly a top executive at LucasFilms, and Annabel Slaight, who is the founding chair of Ontario Water Centre and was the creator and founder of popular kids’ magazines Chickadee and Owl.

Children’s content backer Shaw Rocket Fund and philanthropic funder The Temerty Foundation were among the companies to give financial support to the initiative.

“By providing kids with an optimistic lens, the Potatoverse Future Chicken universe holds transformative potential to help the next generation become innovators who will make a lasting impact on our planet,” said Winder and Slaight in a statement.

“By empowering kids to explore their own ideas while fostering a deep connection with nature, Potatoverse will be a forum for kids to contribute meaningfully as catalysts for positive change. We are filling the hope gap for children when it comes to the future. But as it should be for kids, play and fun is at the heart of everything we are doing.”

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