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Walter Presents contracts Murderous Fever

Russian Thriller Murderous Fever

Non-English language drama specialist Walter Presents has picked up Russian true crime series Murderous Fever for its streaming service in five territories.

Walter Presents will screen the drama in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand from 2022. The deal also includes free TV and pay TV premiere rights in those territories.

From Russian broadcaster NTV, Murderous Fever digs into one of the most brutal serial killer cases in Soviet history and the cover-up conspiracy that surrounded it.

Based on a true story, the 10-parter goes behind the scenes on some of the most complex and shocking murder investigations in the USSR and shines a light on what it’s like to be a homicide detective risking everything in pursuit of justice.

Walter Iuzzolino, co-founder and curator of Walter Presents, said: “The addictive storytelling will resonate with audiences globally whilst offering an incredible insight into untold Russian history.”

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