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UK’s Cake gets ready to take My Brother the Monster to Mipcom

Animated family comedy series My Brother the Monster

UK-based kids’ entertainment specialist Cake has acquired the international distribution rights to animated family comedy series My Brother the Monster.

Produced by Canadian animation house Arcana Studios and Mexican production company Gasolina Studios, My Brother the Monster (26×11’) tells the story of a little girl called Petunia, whose ordinary summer becomes extraordinary when a cute ball-sized furry monster rockets down to Earth from outer space.

As it turns out, Mombou, the cute furball is actually a 9ft monster who quickly becomes part of the family. Petunia and her ‘little big brother’ make the perfect team – however, when Mombou becomes worried, anxious or overwhelmed he reverts back to his original small size. Petunia and her classmates help Mombou feel secure, keeping him out of trouble while learning a lot from him too.

Cake will be taking My Brother the Monster, which is aimed at kids aged six to eight, to Mipcom next month.


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