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Talpa’s SBS6 brings back Hunting Season, Dream Duets for second runs

SBS6’s Hunting Season sees celebrities flee from prison guards

MIPCOM: Talpa-owned Dutch broadcaster SBS6 has recommissioned formats Hunting Season and Dream Duets for second seasons.

Hunting Season sees duos of celebrities attempt to flee from a team of three prison guards. The fugitives have to wear a transmitter that sends GPS coordinates to the hunters every 10 minutes. The fugitives win the game if they manage to stay out of the hunters’ reach for exactly four hours.

John De Mol

On Dream Duets, meanwhile, 36 well-known artists get the opportunity to sing and record a video duet with a singer who they would normally never be able to perform with. Thanks to state-of-the-art techniques, they will play a lead role in a video clip of the original song.

Both formats are produced by John De Mol’s Talpa Network, which is presenting them at Mipcom this week alongside racing show Marble Mania, quizshow A Quiz For You, remote control car-racing spectacle Car Wars and new talent show Avastars.


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