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Suzanne Guèvremont succeeds Claude Joli-Coeur at Canada’s NFB

Suzanne Guèvremont has been appointed as government film commissioner at Canada’s publicly owned film producer and distributor, the National Film Board (NFB).

Suzanne Guevremont

Guèvremont will succeed longtime NFB head Claude Joli-Coeur, who led the organisation for nine years.

The announcement was made by the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez, with Guèvremont serving a five-year term, effective from November 28.

Established in 1939, the NFB funds, produces and distributes documentaries, animation and fiction films. It has produced more than 13,000 productions since it was founded.

The new NFB head previously spent more than 20 years with Montréal’s École des Arts Numériques, de l’Animation et du Design (NADUQAC). The organisation trains up-and-coming professionals in 3D animation, television and film post-production, video gaming and other disciplines, including virtual reality.

In addition to working at NADUQAC, Guèvremont was also formerly the vice chair on the board of directors at Quebec-based funding agency SODEC and sat on the board at CBC/Radio-Canada and the Bell Fund, among others.

“Sharing our stories with the world through film is vital to showcasing the strength of our diversity, the wealth of our talent, our commitment to reconciliation, and other stories that are unique to Canada,” said Rodriguez.

“That’s why the National Film Board is so important to Canada, and I am certain it will be in capable hands with Ms Guèvremont. I congratulate her on this appointment and wish her success. I would also like to thank Claude Joli-Coeur, who has helmed the NFB since 2014, for his exemplary service to the Canadian film industry.”

Guèvremont added: “It is with great pride, enthusiasm and humility that I undertake this mandate. The Canadian landscape is changing, the means at our disposal for creating content are constantly evolving, and so are audience behaviours. I’m very much looking forward to meeting all the teams across Canada, and to working with them in pursuit of our goals.”


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