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Nippon, Envision unveil first scripted coproduction Connected

Crime drama series Connected

Japanese broadcaster Nippon TV and London-based media company Envision Entertainment have unveiled the first project to emerge from their scripted coproduction alliance.

The two companies joined forces last year to combine their western and eastern sensibilities to develop new scripted projects for the global market.

The first project to emerge from the partnership is Connected, with worldwide format rights offered for the first time at the Series Mania Forum in Lille from March 22.

Connected is a crime drama series taking place largely online. The concept was inspired by Nippon TV’s scripted series Double Booking produced and broadcast in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, and the same production team led by Nippon’s creative director Itaru Mizuno is participating in this project.

The Japanese version of Connected will air in Japan on Nippon TV in April 2022 and features a twentysomething housebound detective in Tokyo struggling to solve a crime with the help of his international online peers.


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