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Gulf countries demand Netflix remove content ‘violating Islamic values’

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous was highlighted by Saudi state TV channel Al Ekhbariya TV

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) have called on Netflix to remove content they say “violates Islamic and societal values and principles,” according to media reports from the region.

English-language news outlet Arab News said a special committee of the GCC has threatened Netflix with legal action if it fails to remove the “offensive content.”

No details on the content in question were provided, although the GCC committee’s statement said it includes programming aimed at children.

Saudi state TV channel Al Ekhbariya TV posted a video news report on Twitter featuring blurred out scenes from animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, in which two teenage girls kiss.

Alongside the video is a caption accusing the show of “promoting child homosexuality under a cinematic cover,” followed by “Will #Netflix be blocked in Saudi Arabia soon?”

Scenes from French coming-of-age drama film Cuties, about a Muslim girl who joins a twerking dance group, also featured in the report.

Esra Assery, CEO of the Saudi General Commission for Audiovisual Media, told Arab News: “All legal measures will be taken to protect the kingdom’s sovereignty, citizens and residents from any intellectual attack aimed at affecting its societies, values, safety of upbringing their generations and protecting them from harmful content.”


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