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Georgia Brown asks people to ‘challenge’ Amazon with story pitches

Amazon Studios’ Georgia Brown at Content London

CONTENT LONDON: Georgia Brown, head of European originals at Amazon Studios, asked potential pitchers to “come armed with great ideas” and “challenge” the company at Content London on Thursday.

Speaking during a one-on-one session, Brown urged people looking to pitch to Amazon to “be really specific” in their pitches, detailing the target country, language, budget, genre and target audience. “The more detail you can give us upfront, the easier it is for us,” she said.

“We want to see everything. We’ll never say no to a particular genre,” Brown added. “All of the broadcasters and streamers are looking at the same genres ultimately, so for us it’s about how you elevate or twist on those to make them feel different to what’s already out there.

“I’d also advise people to watch some of our shows. Now we’re launching, people are getting a real sense of us and our personalities and the sorts of things we like. We’re definitely quite cheeky, we’re quite irreverent, we like to be quite bold, we’re not scared to fail or experiment. We’re really up for a challenge – so challenge us.”

Asked if the word ‘television’ is still valid in the 21st century, Brown replied: “Do you know people who still watch television? I do – lots of people still do. But I know lots of people are also watching on projectors, watching on their phones.

“People are watching in so many different ways and I know we collectively call it television, but really it’s content. I know so many people don’t like the word content – they say it sounds quite transactional and it’s not very emotive. But to me, it is content. It’s not necessarily television, although over 70% of people are still watching on their televisions.”


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