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Fugitive, MO Studios strike deal

Fugitive, the UK-based content development, financing and executive producing company run by Anthony Kimble and Merrily Ross, has signed a development and representative deal with New York’s MO Studios.

Olivia Wingate

Founded in 2018 by producer Olivia Wingate (Maron, Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & Monsters, It Started as a Joke), MO Studios develops and produces film and TV projects, prioritising female and diverse creatives.

The first project for the new partnership is The Fugitive Game, a period drama series set around the birth of the Dada movement and the creation of The Cabaret Voltaire.

Fugitive will be launching the show to the international market at Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo (MIA) in Rome this month, one of the few physical film and TV events to take place this year.

The lead protagonist in The Fugitive Game is Emmy Hennings, a German national, and the series chronicles her rollercoaster ride as she finds fame and fortune, loses it all and then hustles her way back into the spotlight.

Anthony Kimble

Imprisoned for anti-war activities in Germany, she escapes to Switzerland with husband Hugo Ball in 1915 and together they start The Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. They form a group of artists, writers, poets, anarchists and revolutionaries to collaborate and develop radical, provocative and shocking performances they christen ‘Dada.’

Alongside the scripted series, MO Studios and Fugitive are also developing a four-part documentary series, Dada: The Mother of Protest Art, which will examines how Dada turned artists into activists for the first time.

Martha Swetzoff, academic, filmmaker (Theme: Murder), punk guitarist and arguably the world’s leading Dada expert has created The Fugitive Game and will also be involved with the documentary series.

Christian Baker (Roman Empire) is attached as writer. Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning producer Ryan Cunningham (Inside Amy Schumer, Search Party, Horace & Pete) will executive produce, alongside Wingate and Kimble.


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