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Fremantle’s Original reports on US journalism

Dan Rather

Fremantle-owned Original Productions is partnering with prodcos Wavelength, Anchor Entertainment and The Kennedy/Marshall Company on a feature-length doc exploring the evolution of journalism in the US through the lens of veteran journalist Dan Rather.

The doc, which is yet to be titled, will weave the past, present and future of journalism together while delving into the life of Rather, who provides first-hand accounts and perspective on how news was reported and consumed in the 20th century and beyond.

The doc is directed and exec produced by Michael ‘One9’ Baluyut-Silverman and Jessica Sherif.

Also exec producing are Original Productions’ president Jeff Hasler, Anchor Entertainment’s president and partner Ethan Goldman, Wavelength’s CEO Jenifer Westphal and president Joe Plummer and The Kennedy/Marshall Company’s co-founder Frank Marshall and head of documentary Ryan Suffern.

“There is not a single person throughout history who has helped to shape and guide America’s views and understanding of current events more than Dan Rather,” said Hasler. “His continued impact on news media is undeniable and there simply couldn’t be a more profound subject for documentary filmmaking.”

One9 and Sherif added: “As documentary filmmakers we want to capture the spirit of Dan Rather’s pursuit of free and independent journalism. A man of incredible courage and resilience, Dan Rather’s personal and professional lives showcase the importance of journalism in America’s understanding of its past, present and future.”


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