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Ex-Twitter exec Samantha Almeida named content creation chief at Globo Studios

Globo Studios, the content arm of Brazilian broadcasting giant Globo, has appointed former Twitter exec Samantha Almeida as its director of content creation.

Samantha Almeida

Almeida will manage teams of writers, researchers and content producers across Globo’s entertainment verticals.

She comes to Globo with 20 years of experience in the advertisement and communications markets. Until last month, she was in a leadership position at Twitter Next in Brazil, focused on creating local and global creative campaigns in a partnership with advertisers.

Her résumé also includes stints at Ogilvy Brasil, Music 2/Mynd, Avon Brasil, The Estée Lauder Companies, Trifil & Scala and Levi Strauss Co.

The exec is known for campaigns with a strong social resonance, focused on themes such as gender equity and racial debate.

“I always had a great passion for building stories and a lot of respect for the people to whom I deliver them. My entire career, my world view, is about that: starting with an empathetic and honest look at people, their dreams, their fears, the beauty in the lives of regular people, like me,” said Almeida in a statement.

“The opportunity of doing that in a plural country with so many stories such as Brazil is very challenging, especially when that is combined with the power and reach of a company like Globo.”

Almeida’s appoint comes 10 months after Gustavo Gontijo, content manager at Globo Studios, left the company after two decades.

More broadly, Globo has shifted its strategy in recent years to focus on more international, ambitious programming that resonates with audiences around the world.

Among these, Globo-distributed series Aruanas, Sweet Diva, Orphans of a Nation, Hidden Truths and Jailers secured sales to channels and platforms in Germany, the US and Japan in 2020.

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