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BossaNova picks up CJZ, Greenstone content

Greenstone’s Dog Patrol

BossaNova, the new London-based content creation, funding and distribution outfit from TCB alumni Paul Heaney and Dina Subhani, has acquired more than 600 hours of content from Australian prodco CJZ and New Zealand’s Greenstone.

The deal will add the Patrol franchise, which was produced by Greenstone and acquired by CJZ in 2014, to BossaNova’s roster and includes Border Patrol (108×30’), Motorway Patrol (196×30’), Highway Patrol (107×30’) and Dog Patrol (106×30’).

It also includes more than 20 other factual series, including Cruising, Murder in the Outback, The Big Ward and Renters.

Heaney, CEO of BossaNova, said: “Both in premium documentary and higher volume projects, BossaNova will be working hard with CJZ and Greenstone to sell shows, to innovate and to find new ideas and markets. Relationship is a very overused word in our industry, but it’s the strength and depth of it that matters.”


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