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Blue Ant Media greenlights three originals for Love Nature, Cottage Life, T+E channels

Cub Camp is bound for Love Nature

Canada’s Blue Ant Media has greenlit three original series for its Love Nature, Cottage Life and T+E channels.

Love Nature will carry Cub Camp, a 6×60’ series from Merit Motion Pictures that gives viewers an inside look at the Black Bear Rescue Manitoba rehabilitation programme, a centre that rescues and rehabilitates black bear cubs left orphaned as a result of losing their mothers due to human encroachment on their territories and natural disasters.

The cameras follow orphaned cubs from the moment they are rescued to the day they’re big enough to be released back into the wild. Filming will begin in spring or summer 2023.

For Cottage Life is American Doomsday (working title), a 3×90’ series from Wildflame and Blue Ant’s Saloon Media that looks at how the epic rise of super-weather phenomena and natural forces could devastate those living in New York, Miami and the entire west coast of the US. The show is scheduled for delivery in spring 2023.

Cottage Life has also renewed Mysteries from Above for a second 8×60’ season, scheduled for summer 2023. Produced by Saloon Media, the series uses drones to explore remote, hard-to-reach locations, revealing strange geological occurrences, unique man-made structures, curious creatures and lost civilisations.

Finally, T+E is taking Haunted Lost & Found (wt), a 6×60’ series that features first-hand accounts and dramatic reenactments of those whose lives took a horrific turn as a result of newfound possessions being haunted or cursed. Scheduled for spring 2023, the series comes from Blue Ant’s Beach House Pictures, Momo Film Co and De Vries Production.

Blue Ant International is the distributor for all the series.


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