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Ballinran series highlights humanity’s failures

Canadian producer Ballinran Entertainment has acquired the adaptation rights to Tom Phillips’ bestselling book Humans: A Brief History of How We F**ked It All Up.

The deal was agreed with UK publisher Wildfire, part of the Headline Publishing Group, and Ballinran’s series has the working title Humanity’s Greatest F**k Ups.

The book examines how the worst aspects of humanity, such as narcissism and hive minds, have derailed civilisation.

Featured humans include Lucy, our ancient ancestor who died falling out of a tree, and Aztec leader Montezuma, who welcomed the Spanish conquistadors that would wipe out most of his empire.

The forthcoming series will be exec produced by Ballinran’s Craig Thompson with a team including Julian Wierzbicki, Maxim Gertler-Jaffe and Andrea O’Shea. Canada’s White Pine Pictures is in charge of distribution, with the series currently on offer globally.

White Pine and Ballinran previously worked together on a Cirque Du Soleil documentary in 2018 as well as other projects.


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