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Aussie author Tim Winton shows Love Nature, ABC around Australia’s Ningaloo

Ningaloo with Tim Winton is written and narrated by the author

Blue Ant Media’s natural history channel Love Nature and Australian pubcaster ABC have greenlit a series about the Ningaloo region of Western Australia, featuring Australian author Tim Winton.

Ningaloo with Tim Winton (working title) is a 3×50’ docuseries exploring one of the planet’s last untouched regions, the 604,500 hectare Ningaloo Coast.

Winton, who narrates and writes the series, will share personal stories of the animals and people drawn to Ningaloo’s isolation and landscape, a biodiversity hotspot that survives in near pristine condition. Ningaloo contains one of the largest fringing coral reefs on Earth and is a Unesco World Heritage site.

Ningaloo with Tim Winton is produced by Artemis Media in association with Matter of Factual and in coproduction with ABC and Love Nature. It is scheduled to roll out on Love Nature’s platforms internationally and on Sky Nature in the UK, Germany and Italy later this year.

Flame Distribution handles worldwide sales outside of all coproducer territories.

“Ningaloo with Tim Winton is an important Australian story that will unlock access to one of the last unspoiled landscapes remaining on the planet, while also creating an emotional audience connection to the Ningaloo Coast’s wildlife and indigenous culture,” said Carlyn Staudt, global general manager at Love Nature.


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