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AI-themed culinary show The Wizard of Sauce on the menu for Canada’s Gusto TV

Canadian culinary brand Gusto TV claims to be producing the world’s first cooking show featuring artificial intelligence (AI) characters.

Chris Knight

Produced in-house and set to screen on Gusto TV later this year, The Wizard of Sauce will be presented by Toronto-based chef Kyle Crawford.

As well as sharing culinary tips, Crawford will also perform as three different characters who will then be digitised in post-production and rendered as AI co-stars.

“We’re excited about where this will take us,” said Chris Knight, CEO of Gusto TV. “We have a variety of AI’s that allow us to open up new narratives and storylines for us to experiment with.”

The Canadian label is producing another AI-themed show, Some Assembly Required, featuring a chef who “speaks with Mother Nature” while preparing dishes.

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