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Drama Awards 2019

Netflix picks up Filipino drama, Python

Brillante Mendoza

Netflix has acquired a drama series from the Philippines by director Brillante Mendoza. The streamer has also added the Monty Python comedy catalogue to its offering.

AMO is produced for Filipino network TV5 and the show will screen on Netflix worldwide from April 9. It is the first series the streamer has picked up from the Philippines.

The show follows a high school student who starts dealing drugs before finding himself mixed up in a dark underworld of crime. Director Mendoza is one of the most celebrated local talents in the Philippines and is behind titles such as Service, Kinatay and Thy Womb.

In related news, Netflix has also picked up the entire Monty Python catalogue. Movies such as The Holy Grail, Life of Brian and The Meaning of Life will initially be available in the UK and Canada from April 15 as part of the package deal. The catalogue will then be offered to US audiences later in the year.

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