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Moi et Cie sets up Job Interview

French-Canadian lifestyle and entertainment channel Moi et Cie has acquired job hunt format The Job Interview from ITV Studios.

Maarten Meijs

The acquisition by the Quebec-based network marks the seventh country to pick up the format, which already airs in territories including the US, UK and Germany.

Moi et Cie’s version will be produced by Zone3 in collaboration with Québecor Contenu, L’entrevue. The 12×30’ series, which will air next winter, will see people attend real job interviews in Quebec.

Maarten Meijs, president of Global Entertainment at ITV Studios, said: “A job interview remains a crucial and unsettling ordeal, maybe even more so in the current times we find ourselves in, making this a very relevant format. Viewers will be treated to touching and authentic human stories.”


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