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Game Show Network commissions more Lingo

Phil Gurin's tactic of underwriting the first few episodes of his new show himself has paid off as the Sony-backed US cable channel Game Show Network greenlights production on a further 65 episodes of Lingo.

The gameshow is produced by LA-based Gurin Company and Dutch production giant IDTV. Hosted by Chuck Woolery, Lingo premiered on GSN as a daily strip series in August.

Based on one of Europe’s longest-running game show formats, Lingo combines the principles of bingo with a vocabulary test. Gurin and IDTV developed the US version based on the series’ success for the past 13 years in Holland.

Lingo begins with two couples trying to guess five-letter words, knowing only the first letter. The pair that guesses correctly then selects a ball from a set of numbered, special bonus and penalty balls that correspond to the Lingo board.

Gurin and IDTV shot the initial 20 episodes in the Netherlands with Woolery and American contestants, financed by The Gurin Company and IDTV through underwriting and deferring fees. At the time Gurin told C21 that as a business model the tactic was preferable to making a pilot as the show is {guaranteed a month of eyeballs{.

The new order of 65 will be produced in the US by Laurelwood Entertainment in association with The Gurin Company and IDTV.

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