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Epoche’s Hitler heads to Oz, Canada

Much of The Hitler Chronicles – Blueprint for Dictators is in colour

The History Channel in Australia and Canada’s SRC have agreed pre-sales for a forthcoming documentary about Adolf Hitler that contains a raft of never-before-seen footage.

The Hitler Chronicles – Blueprint for Dictators (4×50’/13×50’) is from Germany’s Epoche Media Production and has been produced in HD and 50% in colour, with more than 40% of the footage having never been broadcast previously.

The show, which tracks Hitler’s life from cradle to grave, will air on Foxtel-backed History Channel and Quebec-based network SRC. The deals were struck with Swiss distributor First Hand Films, which has secured worldwide rights.

“You can get Hitler documentaries a dime a dozen and most are usually created featuring interviews with historians, eyewitness accounts and a broad narration,” said Thorsten Pollfuss, producer and CEO at Epoche Media.

“It’s easy to look back with the historical knowledge we have accumulated to date, but we wanted to take a different approach and explore how Hitler was perceived by others in his day. As such, we relied only on original sources of material from that era and used very limited narration, so that the series would be powerful enough to transport viewers back in time to authentically ‘experience’ the Hitler era.”

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