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C4 seeks games commissioner

Channel 4 in the UK has reaffirmed its commitment to multi-platform content and production outside London by creating a new commissioning editor’s role.

The broadcaster is looking for a commissioning editor with responsibility solely for games.

The incumbent will be based in Glasgow, charged with developing games that complement the channel’s programming. The channel hopes the move will give the games community direct access into its commissioning process.

Richard Davidson-Houston, head of Channel 4 Online, said: “Games are an important form of storytelling and we want to harness the skills and ideas that are out there by giving the games community a dedicated ‘go to’ person.

“By having a dedicated person in the post, Channel 4 is holding the door open for the games industry and looking to it as a new source of creative energy – not an afterthought.”

The new role will report to Anna Cronin, commissioning editor for convergent formats.

The move comes after Channel 4 CEO David Abraham described data on viewers as “the new oil” and said the channel was constantly on the look-out for new ways to harvest it.



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