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Terms, conditions and guidelines

How it works
The C21 GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT FORMAT PITCH in association with ITV Studios is designed to discover and develop a brand new hit format in one of the following two categories: ‘Primetime Entertainment’ or ‘Reality & Social Experiment’.

The partnership with ITV Studios allows international format producers to present their projects through C21Media and Content London, providing a high-profile scenario within which to pitch new shows to the world.

Projects selected will benefit from exposure through as well as occupying a prominent slot at Content London.

The pitch is now closed for entries.

Award prizes
From the pool of submissions made between 11 July 2022 and 19 September 2022, a shortlist of the top projects will be selected from which up to 10 finalists will be chosen.

The shortlisted projects will be published through for all Content London delegates to view.

The selected finalists will be invited to present a live pitch to delegates at Content London which will take place at The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Kings Place in London, 28 November – 1 December 2022.

Once each finalist has presented their pitch, our industry judges will select a winner of C21 GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT FORMAT PITCH.

The finalists receive:
• A VIP rate ticket of £499 to attend Content London
• C21 will profile each of the finalists during the event, with interviews about the projects published online and in the Content London Daily.
• All finalists will be invited to a networking event during Content London to meet with interested partners.

The winner receives:
• Funding for the winning project to progress the idea to the next stage. This could include funding for a mini pilot, run-through, proof of concept, technology trial or other materials, as well as development support and resources from ITV Studios.
• Exposure at Content London to all executives in attendance.
• Continued support and exposure from C21 Media.

THE C21 GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT FORMAT PITCH focuses on two key genres: Primetime Entertainment and Reality and Social Experiment.
• Applicants can submit up to 3 projects.
• The Format pitch focuses on 2 key genres. Please make sure that the genre briefs below are taken into consideration when submitting projects.
• Projects should be brand new and unsold (i.e. they should not have been presented to any broadcaster, distributor, streamer, platform or previously selected for another market pitch event before Content London 2022)

Primetime Entertainment
Projects should:

• be large-scale entertainment with broad, family appeal;
• be big and bold with a unique hook;
• avoid quiz and quiz-based game;
• no subjects are off-limits, but familiar areas should take a truly unique approach. Projects can be studio or location-based.

Reality & Social Experiment
Projects should:

• be bold and attention-grabbing;
• appeal to 16-34s without alienating older viewers;
• have real people and authenticity at its heart
• encourage binge-watching behaviour;
• address a universal theme and/or attempt to answer a real social question;
• have a clear answer to the question: ‘why?’;
• No subjects are off-limits, but familiar areas should take a truly unique approach.

The initial submission should be a 1-2 page format document in English that brings your idea to life. It should include:
• Top-line concept
• Episode and series structure
• Key format beats
You are welcome to supply further supporting materials if you have them.

The finalists
If selected and invited to the final pitch, you will be given a pitching slot of up to 7 minutes. At this stage you will also be required to provide:
• a short sizzle for your project
• a mini-bible comprising
– detailed format overview and structure
– rules for the show
– details of any specific new technology or proprietary software that the show would utilise or require
– casting overview

Please note that your sizzle duration will need to fit into the 7 minutes and should leave time for a comprehensive pitch.


Please complete THE C21 GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT FORMAT PITCH submission form here, including:
• A clear outline description of the project you wish to pitch
• A one – two page format document
• Why you want to present this through C21
• Any other supporting materials

THE C21 GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT FORMAT PITCH is open for entries between 11 July 2022 and 19 September 2022, 23:59 GMT.
Shortlisted candidates and finalisits will be notified by September 30th. Finalists will be required to provide final pitch assets no later than November 7th.

The C21 PITCH: GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT FORMAT final will be held at Content London on 30 November 2022.

• All Submissions will be assessed by a team of executives from ITV Studios and C21 Media.
• Finalists’ submissions and live pitches will be assessed by a panel of judges comprised of top programming executives at networks around the world to choose the winners. The Judges will select one of the finalists as the winner of the Competition.

Rights disclaimer

Terms and conditions

ITV Studios and C21 reserve the right to amend any of the submission criteria and the terms included herein.

By submitting a format to the C21 Global Entertainment Pitch, the Applicant agrees that any formats that are selected to be shown at the final pitch are subject to the following terms:
1. In the case of the winning Format:
1.1. ITV Studios (ITVS) shall have a 2 year Development Option, in which time ITVS agrees to work with the original rights holder to develop the format for global exploitation.
1.2. This could include (but is not limited to) funding a run through or other necessary proof of concept, adapting for potential international versions and funding the creation of additional materials, up to a value of £25,000;
1.3. During this option period, ITVS has the right to pitch the format worldwide.
1.4. During this option period, should ITVS secure a commission based on the Format, ITVS shall share in the underlying format rights on a 50/50 basis with the original rights holder; and
1.5. ITVS shall be the sole producer in the ITVS Territory and ITVS shall be granted all distribution rights in the Format on terms set out below.
2. In the case of other Formats selected for the final pitch, ITVS shall have until January 13th to decide to take an option on any of the Formats on the same terms. Until this date, the original rights holders are not permitted to pitch the Format to any other potential production or distribution partner, unless otherwise agreed with ITVS.
3. When entering into a Development Option with ITVS, the original rights holder agrees to the following:
3.1. To grant ITVS the sole and exclusive option for a period of 24 months to secure a commission in any territory worldwide. If at the end of the Option Period ITVS is in active negotiations with a broadcaster, the Option Period will be automatically extended to include a grace period of 3 months (at no cost to ITVS) to allow ITVS to conclude discussions and/or negotiations with the relevant broadcaster. Any further extension of the Option Period beyond this shall be subject to good faith discussions between the Parties.
3.2. Should ITVS secure a signed commissioning agreement within the Option Period, ITVS shall be granted all distribution rights in the Format (including for the avoidance of doubt all ancillary rights) and programmes subject to ITVS’s standard distribution terms.
3.3. Where a commission is secured in a territory in which ITVS has a production entity, ITVS shall have the right to act as sole producer in that territory.

4. The Applicant warrants and undertakes:
4.1. that Applicant is free to enter into and perform this Agreement;
4.2. that Applicant is entitled to grant the rights hereunder and is not party to any contract or other arrangement that may conflict with this Agreement;
4.3. that there is no present or prospective claim proceeding or litigation in respect of the Format, its working title or the title to or ownership of all copyright in the Format;
4.4. that the Format is wholly original and does not and will not contain anything which infringes the rights of any person, including rights of copyright or trademarks or service marks, privacy, publicity or confidentiality or any other civil or common law or statutory right;
4.5. that, where necessary, the Applicant has obtained a full assignment of all copyright and all rights from any person or entity that has contributed to the creation of the Format and on a full buy-out basis such that no fees, payments or residuals are payable to any third party from any exploitation of the Format;
4.6. to unconditionally waive in perpetuity and agrees not to enforce against ITVS or support any action for infringement of any moral rights or similar rights (whether arising under sections 77 to 85 (inclusive) of the Act, Sections 205C to 205N (inclusive) of the Act or otherwise) that the Applicant has or may in the future have in the Format any programmes produced from the Format and/or other rights to be exploited in accordance with this Agreement and warrants that the Applicanthas obtained the same consents and waivers from any relevant individuals;
4.7. to indemnify ITVS and hold ITVS harmless from and against all and any claims, liabilities, damages and costs (including reasonable legal fees) arising directly or indirectly from any breach by the Applicant of any representation, warranty or agreement made by it hereunder; and
4.8. to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations and codes relating to anti-bribery and anti corruption including but not limited to, the Bribery Act 2010 as amended, in respect of performance of your obligations under this Agreement and/or the Format.
4.9. If requested by ITVS, the parties will enter into a longform agreement on terms to be agreed in good faith. Until such a time (if any) these Heads of Terms shall continue to apply and be legally binding.

ITV Studios has an extensive format catalogue and is actively developing 100s of formats around the world. ITVS therefore cannot guarantee that a format, or elements of a format pitched at the C21 Global Entertainment Pitch will not bear similarities to a format already owned by ITVS. ITVS cannot be held liable for any such coincidental similarities to shows already in development at the time of the C21 Global Entertainment Pitch.

Copyright law is limited in what it can protect, as it can only protect the original expression of your idea, not the idea itself. We therefore recommend that you register your creative materials with FRAPA or another acknowledged registration service before submitting it to the C21 Global Entertainment Pitch.

For more information about FRAPA and its format registry, please see