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BBC, Deutsche Welle launch on Japan IPTV

Online TV Company, the multi-channel television service that pipes online video content into Japanese broadband homes, has introduced two new channels to its television line-up.

Deutsche Welle TV, the German public broadcast channel for overseas viewers, is available for ¥630 monthly; while BBC Japan, an entertainment channel launched by the BBC last year, is available for free until the end of July. Both channels have been added to OLTV’s multichannel broadcast service on its 4th Media platform.

DWTV transmits German domestic and out-of-country information to foreign countries. This year, which has been declared Germany Year in Japan, DWTV became the first German channel to start full-scale service in Japan.

BBC Japan is also the first channel in Japan dedicated to British entertainment. All produced by the BBC, the schedule includes comedies ranging from classic Fawlty Towers to The Office; costume dramas such as Pride & Prejudice; and detective series like State Of Play.

With the addition of these two new channels, the 4th Media multi-channel broadcast platform now carries 49 channels, combining both basic and premium services. Online TV Company is owned and operated by a consortium of Japanese companies including JPC, Tohokushinsha, Nikkei and Secom.


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