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BBC and Discovery explore Wild New World

The BBC and Discovery have unveiled two new cgi-laden factual shows, the latest fruits of their renewed factual partnership that has previously spawned global hits like Walking With Dinosaurs.

Wild New World (pictured) is a new six-part series for BBC2 and Discovery Channel about prehistoric North America. Previously called All American Animals, the series recreates an age 13,000 years ago when people first entered unexplored new world, where great Ice Age animals such as mammoths roamed the land.

The first North Americans lived side-by-side with sabre-toothed cats, elephant-like mammoths and mastodons, giant short-faced bears, tree-sized ground sloths and heavily armoured glyptodonts.

Wild New World is a BBC Natural History Unit/Discovery/BBC Worldwide production. It will air on BBC2 in October in a 21:00 slot. The series producer is Miles Barton.

The BBC has also scheduled BBC/Discovery/NDR copro Pyramid to air next month. With location contributions from Egyptologist John Romer, Pyramid brings the construction of the Egyptian monument to life using special effects produced by UK cgi house Mill TV.


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