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ZED gets to work on Notre Dame

French producer and distributor ZED has started production on a multi-hour TV series celebrating Notre Dame Cathedral, which was badly damaged in a fire this month.

Christine LeGoff

Notre Dame is from ZED in association with US doc producer Show of Force and will bring architects, engineers and historians together with imbedded filmmakers as the Gothic masterpiece is rebuilt.

Producers have gained exclusive access to detailed scans of the cathedral before the fire and will follow the rebuild.

Details of networks and streamers have not yet been revealed by ZED said the show would be broadcast worldwide.

ZED’s Oscar-winning producer Christine LeGoff, who has previously produced two docs about the building, is attached to lead the latest project.

“For the last 10 years I have been filming Notre Dame’s hidden corners and passageways. It is more than a cathedral, it is a symbol of France that all the world recognises and loves. Last week’s tragic fire reminds us that even the most iconic monuments can disappear. Now comes the time to rebuild it for the future,” LeGoff said.

Investigators are continuing to explore what caused the devastating fire that ravaged much of the Catholic cathedral, which was spared from complete destruction after firefighters fought through the night to save it.


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