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Yellow puts money on Nordic partnership

Scandinavian distributor Nordic World has partnered with a Finnish production company on a new gameshow in which contestant bet their own possessions.

Bet Your Life, produced by Yellow Film and TV and due to air in 2012/13, will see participants wager anything they like, such as their car, on a range of challenges in order to win an upgrade, or lose it entirely. The broadcaster has not yet been disclosed for the studio-based show.

“They got really enthusiastic about the show,” Yellow CEO Olli Haikka told C21. “They were willing to invest in it at a really early stage, so it’s really exciting for us.”

Yellow is also producing a third season of its comedy talent format Comedy Combat for MTV3.

The second season of the show pulled a 52% share when it aired earlier this year. A further 9×90′ episodes are now scheduled for January.

In the show, comedians create their own character and face being voted off each week until the winning character is given its own show.

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