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WDR books medical format appointment

German broadcaster WDR has commissioned an adaptation of medical talkshow Let’s Keep it Between Us from Newen Distribution and Bavaria Entertainment.

Let’s Keep it Between Us began on France 2

Originally created and produced by 17 Juin Media for France 2, Let’s Keep it Between Us (Ca Ne Sortira Pas D’Ici) sees celebrities share medical information and discuss health topics with a TV doctor.

The German adaptation, called Hirschhausens Sprechstunde, will be hosted by TV personality Dr Eckart von Hirschhausen and produced by Bavaria Entertainment. It will launch in January.

“We hope that Let’s Keep it Between Us will attract other producers and entertain audiences in other countries across the world in the following months, because we firmly believe that what we humorously call ‘health-tainment’ will gather a lot of viewers,” said Benoît Thevenet, MD of 17 Juin.


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