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Viceland goes live from NYC

L-R: Marie Faustin, Fat Tony, Sandy Honig and Zack Fox

Youth-skewing US cablenet Viceland is preparing a two-hour live primetime programme that will broadcast four nights a week from its Brooklyn headquarters.

Vice Live is set to premiere on February 25 and will be hosted by a panel of talent including comedian and actor Marie Faustin, writer, comedian and internet provocateur Zack Fox, comedian, director and photographer Sandy Honig and rapper/host Fat Tony.

The cablenet has tapped executive producer Jeremy Hutchins (BET’s 106 & Park) and director Joe Perota (Last Week Tonight, The Chris Gethard Show) to oversee the show.

They will work alongside Viceland exec producers Nomi Ernst Leidner, Jeff Sammon and Catherine Whyte. Vice Live is slated to air from 21.00 to 23.00 ET.

“The show will be another platform for audiences to frame the rapidly shifting, absurd and often messy culture around them, magnifying the multi-faceted lifestyle/cultural content and commentary that Vice was built on,” the company said.

“Whether it’s on the culture at large or specific trends in food, fashion, sex, drugs, music, videogames and beyond, Vice Live will be hyper-topical but far from journalistic,” the firm added.



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