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Viasat World preps historical ‘experience’

European pay TV operator Viasat World is preparing an immersive online experience to mark the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany.

Karin Heijink

1939live is based on extensive research of primary sources and will report the events of the invasion for people to follow and watch unfold in ‘real time.’

The six-week digital experience, from Viasat World and Future History, will go live on August 1.

It features diverse perspectives from across society, including the views of Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin as well as contemporary witnesses from a variety of countries.

The experience has been commissioned in both Polish and English and will be available online worldwide. A series of historical documentaries will run alongside it as part of a themed programming strand on Viasat History.

Karin Heijink, VP of pay TV products and channels at Viasat, described the show as a “ground-breaking proposition” and said it would be a “revolutionary way to discover and consume history, using direct dialogue with historical voices who describe real events – in real time on our digital newsfeeds.”

Future History, founded by Mikhail Zygar, has previously worked on digital experience Project1917, which explored the Russian Revolution through diaries, letters and newspapers from the year 1917.


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