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VH1 acquires America’s Next Top Model

MTV Networks’ VH1 has acquired, for its US channel, the off-net rights for 77 episodes of UPN’s hit series America’s Next Top Model, with options for additional episodes if the series continues after the 2005/2006 season.

The cable network negotiated for three-year licenses for the first three seasons and can begin airing episodes from season four, which begins this month on UPN, a mere three months after its initial broadcast airing.

Although no one is confirming financials, the two acquisitions are estimated to be worth more than $6m with Model episodes reportedly going for $75k each. The series, distributed by KingWorld, is produced by 10 by 10 Entertainment and Bankable Productions.

VH1 also acquired rights to the six episodes of NBC’s upcoming reality series Tommy Lee Goes to College, produced by NBC Universal Television Studios.

VH1 is reportedly paying $100k per episode, which follows the bad-boy rocker in his pursuit of academic achievement at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. The series’ broadcast debut starts in August and VH1 can start its 30-month license period as soon as the series’ finale airs on NBC.

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