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UK pick-up for new Mainframe toon

BANFF NEWS – Canadian computer animation house Mainframe Entertainment has picked up rights to produce a new series based on Peak Entertainment's Monster in My Pocket property.

The new partnership between US kids brand company Peak and Mainframe will see a synched roll-out of the Monster in My Pocket property in North America and the UK.

Mainframe will produce 26 half-hours of programming based on the concept, and will also handle the Canadian merchandising and TV distribution rights. In addition, Mainframe will work with Peak to develop merchandise and TV distribution opportunities in the US.

The television series will target 6-11 year olds and be styled in what Mainframe ceo Rick Mischel called {a classic cartoon cgi look{. It will focus on the quest of two characters: a young boy and his mentor as they journey through the world on a monster hunt.

Mischel told C21 that he expects to have a pilot episode ready in time for Mipcom in October.

In the UK, ITV1's breakfast franchise GMTV has committed to air the TV series early next year, in time with the release of corresponding toys by Character Group.

Sales for the Monster licensing and merchandising initiatives have already exceeded US$200m at retail with over 800m units distributed worldwide and 200m units alone with promotional partners Kellogg's and Weetabix.

Peak was originally set up in the UK by ex-Just Group bosses Wilf and Paula Shorrocks, but in April was acquired outright by US-based Palladium Communications, which then changed its name to Peak Entertainment.


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