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UK animation backs People’s Vote on Brexit

A host of bosses at UK animation companies have joined the campaign for a public vote on the final deal over the terms of Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU), known as the People’s Vote.

Oli Hyatt

Those to have signed a letter calling on the leaders of the two main political parties to support the campaign include Aardman Animation’s Dave Sproxton, Blue Zoo’s Oli Hyatt and Cake Entertainment’s Ed Galton.

It has also been signed by Kate O’Conner of Animation UK and Neil Hatton of the UK Screen Alliance, as well as Fudge Animation’s Dan Weaver, Jellyfish Pictures’ Phil Dobree, Lupus Film’s Ruth Fielding, Mackinnon & Saunders’ Ian Mackinnon and SpiderEye’s Erica Darby.

In total the letter has attracted 172 signatures from UK business leaders, many of whom are concerned that the £101.05bn (US$130.77bn) contribution the creative industries made to the country’s GDP in 2017 will be threatened by a poor or no-deal Brexit.

The letter says that while many of the businesses initially backed the deal tabled by prime minister Theresa May, its resounding rejection by MPs earlier this week means the priority must now be preventing a chaotic crash-out from the EU.

“The only viable way to do this is by asking the people whether they still want to leave the EU,” the letter adds. “With the clock now ticking rapidly before we are due to quit, politicians must not waste any more time on fantasies. We urge the leadership of both the main parties to support a People’s Vote.”

The UK’s animation industry could be at more risk of being negatively impacted by Brexit than any other area of UK television, due to its reliance on a workforce made up of 20-30% EU nationals, European coproductions and soft funds provided by the EU.


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