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TV2 Stands Together in response to Covid-19

Danish network TV2 has commissioned Banijay Group-owned Nordisk Film TV to put together a fast-turnaround primetime entertainment show that will begin airing tomorrow night.

Lotte Lindegaard

Denmark Stands Together has been ordered in response to the coronavirus pandemic to help foster “moral support and unity in this exceptional worldwide crisis,” the broadcaster said.

With many people staying at home as much as possible because of the virus, Denmark Stands Together will see hosts Natasja Crone, Puk Elgård and Anders Breinholt broadcast live from two makeshift studios, the main location being Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

Out in the open and maintaining a distance of six feet from each other, they will talk to well-known and unknown Danes who are doing something special in these unprecedented times.

Sharing stories from all over the country, the show will also offer the opportunity to say “thank you” to the many who are making a difference in the country right now, TV2 said.

It will also feature live “at-home” performances from major Danish artists, while Danes at home can join the conversation via Skype.

“In recent weeks, TV2’s focus and public service efforts have naturally been about delivering the Danes news and information about the guidelines we must follow,” said TV2 programme director Lotte Lindegaard.

“Now it must also be about saying thank you for being there when it really counts – and for keeping your head up and standing together in these difficult times. Although we cannot physically gather, we need something to bring us together. At TV2, we will – in our own way – open the closed doors.”

The show will be produced by Nordisk Film TV, the firm behind TV2’s daily current affairs show Good Morning Denmark, and supported by other producers from TV2 Echo, as well as TV2’s sports editorial team.


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