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TV execs to get UK quarantine exemption

The UK became the first country to approve a Covid-19 vaccine earlier this week

TV production staff, journalists and senior executives are among those who will be exempt from Covid-19 travel quarantines in the UK from this Saturday.

Grant Shapps MP, the secretary of state for transport in the UK’s Conservative government, announced new business traveller exemptions via his Twitter account last night.

Currently, people travelling into the UK from countries outside of the government’s list of “travel corridors” are required to isolate at home for two weeks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

However, Shapps has now confirmed elite sportspeople, performing arts professionals, TV production staff and journalists will be exempt from those restrictions as of 04.00 on Saturday, as long as “specific criteria” are met.

Senior company executives who deliver “significant economic benefit” and whose work requires them to visit other countries in person will also be exempt.

The Department for Transport website defines significant economic benefit as “individuals undertaking specific business activity which would deliver a significant benefit to the UK economy – including activity that creates or preserves 50-plus UK jobs.”

Such people “will no longer need to self-isolate when travelling or returning from non-exempt countries. Individuals will only be exempt when undertaking the specific business activity and will only be able to meet with others as required by that specific activity.

“Exemptions will also come into force at the same time for domestic and international performing arts professionals, TV production staff, journalists and recently signed elite sportspersons, ensuring that industries which require specific, high-talent individuals who rely on international connections can continue to complete their work.”

People outside these groups will also be able to reduce their quarantine time to five days by paying for private coronavirus tests and returning a negative result.

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