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Today we hear from Rolla Karam, interim chief content officer at OSN, about the Middle Eastern pay TV operator’s move into originals and changing relations with US studios, plus Maria Feldman, co-creator of No Man’s Land, and Fremantle president of drama Christian Vesper discuss the Hulu/Arte coproduction.

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Rolla Karam is interim chief content officer of pan-Arabic and MENA pay TV operator OSN, whose channels span 25 countries, featuring content from a broad array of international partners, including exclusive deals with HBO and Disney+.

But the company is increasingly moving into original programming, adapting unscripted formats such as Come Dine With Me and pre-buying overseas dramas such as Hulu/Arte copro No Man’s Land, which it then brands as its own.

Karam spoke to Gün Akyuz about this recent increase in home-grown shows and the focus of OSN’s content strategy, how its long-standing relationships with US studios are changing and what’s on the shopping list for the year ahead.

Set in the ISIS and Kurdish camps of Syria in the chaotic aftermath of the Iraq War, Hulu and Arte’s contemporary drama series No Man’s Land focuses on one man’s struggle to save his sister and the turmoil he finds himself engulfed by.

Masha Productions’ Maria Feldman, co-creator and executive producer of the show, and Fremantle’s president of global drama Christian Vesper spoke to Michael Pickard about building this global coproduction and the challenges of filming a series set in six countries.

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