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Today we hear from Lupus Films joint MD Camilla Deakin, Trioscope Studios CEO LC Crowley and Submarine co-founder Femke Wolting about how adult animation has evolved to be an increasingly popular medium for sophisticated storytelling, pushing boundaries and powering on through the pandemic.

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Bosses at international animation studios say they are seeing a boom in drama and documentary projects aimed at adults, primarily driven by demand from streamers.

The pandemic hasn’t affected the industry in the same way as others, with the craft able to continue remotely and, in some cases, offering innovative solutions to live-action series struggling to complete production.

Camilla Deakin, producer and joint MD of UK-based Lupus Films, LC Crowley, chief executive of LA-based Trioscope Studios, and Femke Wolting, co-founder of Amsterdam-based Submarine, speak to Nico Franks about these developments and how their own work is pushing boundaries in the space.

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