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Today we hear from Natalija Gorščak, director of TV at RTV in Slovenia; Catherine Alvaresse, director of documentaries at France Télévisions; and Fiorenza Cella, president of Free Dolphin Entertainment.

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Natalija Gorščak, director of TV at Slovenian pubcaster RTV, speaks to Karolina Kaminska about current trends in the country’s TV industry, how it is facing rising prices from distributors, why cablenets are a bigger threat to public broadcasters than global SVoDs, and what sort of shows the broadcaster is looking for to fill its autumn and winter schedules.

Catherine Alvaresse, director of documentaries at France Télévisions, has been evolving a centralised content strategy. She tells Gun Akyuz about the role of documentaries within that strategy, her current priorities at her documentaries unit and €100m-plus budget, including the need to make French and world history along with societal concerns relevant to the lockdown period’s ‘forgotten’ younger generations.

France-based Free Dolphin Entertainment has a production arm based in Bulgaria, specialising in TV movies and is looking forward to the gradual return to production in the Eastern European city of Sofia. The company’s president, Fiorenza Cella, tells Inigo Alexander about the state of the business and the need for love in these trying times.

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