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Craig Jenest, co-founder of Five Films, discusses a raft of new shows to replace live sport production; Frank Sinton, COO of Tinopolis USA and president of A Smith & Co Dox, shares his experience of having 21 editors working across a VPN to get The Titan Games finished for NBC; and JJ Johnson tells us how he’s keeping Sinking Ship Entertainment afloat.

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Sport docs have been big business for streaming platforms and could provide a vital schedule filler for sportscasters robbed of live action by the lockdowns.

But with production shut down and athletes in isolation how can prodcos adapt? Craig Jenest, of New York City’s Five Films, which produces the Fox Sports boxing series PDC: Fight Camp, tells us how he’s boxing clever.

Frank Sinton, chief operating officer of Tinopolis USA and president of A Smith & Co Dox, has been able to get The Titan Games finished ahead of its debut on NBC on May 25 after the network brought its air date forward to give viewers a much-needed dose of high-level competition.

He explains how the company managed to connect 21 editors over a VPN to get the show finished and how the company is balancing big productions with smaller fare going forward.

JJ Johnson, executive producer and co-founder of Toronto’s Sinking Ship Entertainment, has been busy making a fast-turnaround show called Locked Down, a confinement-themed scripted series commissioned by YouTube that is shot entirely on webcams and smartphones.

He discusses the challenges of producing remotely; the process of getting content commissioned, developed and shot in a matter of weeks; young audiences’ appetite for lockdown-themed content compared with adults; and how the genre of high-end scripted programming for young people could be impacted in the long term by the pandemic.

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