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TF1 preps anti-sexism series for kids

French broadcaster TF1 is gearing up to launch a series that aims to make young children aware of the fight against sexism.

Christelle Leroy

Chouette Pas Chouette, produced by local prodco 2 Minutes as a copro with Gaumont, will start airing in January and follows the adventures of a panther, a beaver, a sheep and all their friends.

The 16-episode series presents various sexist stereotypes, such as girls can’t play soccer or boys can’t do ballet, and asks children to question their prejudices to eventually understand that being a boy or girl does not determine what you can or can’t do.

The programme is supported by an educational booklet on gender equality and the deconstruction of sexist stereotypes and is aimed at four- to six-year-olds.

Chouette Pas Chouette was designed by screenwriters and directors Franck Salomé, Fernando Worcel and Nicolas Sedel alongside illustrator Sandrine Acquistapace.

The show, produced in association with Les Chiennes de Garde and The Center for Media & Information Education, was overseen by the former director of youth programmes at TF1, Dominique Poussier, and supervised by consulting firm EY and Foundation.

“This initiative is part of the TF1 Group’s action plan in favour of gender equality, the fight against sexism and harassment and also it is an awareness-raising campaign about violence against women,” said Christelle Leroy, director of corporate social responsibility at TF1 Group.


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