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Brandon Katz, Lisa Kramer, Barbie Kligman, Adam & Craig Malamut

May 24, 2024 las24 01:10:10

LA SCREENINGS: Parrot Analytics' Brandon Katz on the US studios' return to licensing and why consolidation won't solve Hollywood's problems [01:27]; Paramount Global's Lisa Kramer on business as usual [22:30]; plus showrunner Barbie Kligman on new Fox medical drama Doc [41:02], and Adam and Craig Malamut, creators of the network's new adult animation, Universal Basic Guys [54:10].

Mike Cosentino, Evan Shapiro and Thomas Dey

May 17, 2024 las24 01:13:42

LA SCREENINGS: Former Bell Media content chief Mike Cosentino on the intrigue that happens behind the scenes at the LA Screenings [00:39]; media cartographer Evan Shapiro on the parallels between the ailing Hollywood studio system and his own experience of cancer [26:24]; and ACF Investment Bank's Thomas Dey on why Paramount is just the start of a new phase of mega-mergers [53:36].

LA Screenings preview, Beatrice Springborn, Mark Duplass, Betsy Beers

May 10, 2024 las24 01:07:23

LA SCREENINGS: The C21 team looks ahead to this year's LA Screenings, with uncertainty surrounding Paramount and Hollywood in a spin following last year's strikes, as streaming struggles, budgets and jobs are cut, and the impact of AI looms large; plus Universal International Studios president Beatrice Springborn, filmmaker and actor Mark Duplass, and Shondaland creative partner Betsy Beers discuss this flux and the opportunities arising from it.