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Sutikki programmes robot content

Cozmo & Friends is based on a highly popular toy robot

Sutikki, the kids’ entertainment company behind UK series Moon & Me, is working on animated content based on a popular robot toy from Digital Dream Labs (DDL).

Cozmo & Friends is based on US-based educational technology company DDL’s robot, which launched in 2017 and has a personality that evolves and learns over time.

It has been the bestselling toy on Amazon in the US two years in a row and was also the bestselling toy on the online shopping giant in the UK and France in 2017, according to One Click Retail.

Sutikki has today launched animated content on the Cozmo & Friends YouTube channel and has said it will also distribute an animated series and live-action content based on IP.

It comes after Sutikki appointed former Entertainment One and NBCUniversal exec Hannah Mungo as its CEO following a managerial shake-up.

Mungo said: “Cozmo is an extraordinary character who is not only an educational asset and friend for children, but also full of play and exploration.”

Previously the children’s and family division of Bob’s Burgers producer Bento Box Entertainment, Sutikki found new owners after Bento Box was acquired by Fox Entertainment.

Trilith Studios, where films including Avengers: Endgame and Passengers were produced, made an investment in Sutikki as part of its expansion plans into content, while investors include JSB Toons. The company has offices in Atlanta and LA.

Sutikki co-founders Irene Weibel and Andrew Kerr exited the company in September, with Kerr putting his departure down to “the arrival of new investors in Sutikki earlier this year, and the direction that the company has chosen to pursue since” in a statement on LinkedIn.


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