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Story Lab takes Loan out across Europe

MIPCOM: Local remakes of social experiment format You Are Not a Loan are in the works in the Netherlands and Denmark after distributor Story Lab sealed deals for the show here in Cannes.

Wise Monkeys and Monday TV have optioned rights to the series in the Netherlands and Denmark respectively, just three months after it was first unveiled as part of a new slate of factual entertainment programming devised by UK investor, producer and distributor The Story Lab and LA-based Renowned Films.

Set against the backdrop of spiralling global debt, You Are Not a Loan follows the highs and lows as a group of 30 people from a single postcode attempt to wipe out their collective debt in just 12 months.

“This format is fresh, original and challenges the issue of debt in a compelling and entertaining way,” said Erik de Winter, The Story Lab’s senior VP for northern Europe. “Living with debt and striving to make life better is universally understood.”

You Are Not a Loan is part of The Story Lab’s Mipcom slate, alongside other entertainment formats including Pulling With My Parents, Undercover Twins, I Want to Have Your Baby, The Sound and No Sleep No Fomo.


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