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Stampede acquires rights to Finnish thriller

CONTENT LONDON: Greg Silverman’s US prodco Stampede Ventures has acquired the rights to Max Seeck’s Finnish thriller novel The Faithful Reader for a TV adaptation.

The Faithful Reader

The book follows a detective called in to investigate the death of the wife of a famous writer in a ritual. As she delves deeper into the case, the detective learns she is after a serial killer who is following a pattern set out in the writer’s best-selling trilogy.

Stampede Ventures will produce alongside Gudrun Giddings, who will serve as executive producer on the series.

JP Sarni, head of international content and worldwide content acquisitions at Stampede Ventures, said: “Max is a true master of suspense and when we read The Faithful Reader it was clear that this was meant to be a drama series full of sharp twists and surprises. He’s drawn a dark and terrifying world with a mysterious lead in the centre of the storm. This one will keep you up at night.”

The Faithful Reader will be released as The Witch Hunter in the US, which is among several countries where sequels to the show are planned.

Silverman was formerly president, creative development and worldwide production at Warner Bros.


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