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Smurfs reboot heads to Rai Ragazzi

The new Smurfs series will air in Italy from early next year

Italian public broadcaster Rai Ragazzi has acquired the forthcoming Smurfs reboot for its children’s network Yoyo from French distributor IMPS.

The 52×11′ series, produced by Belgium’s Peyo Productions and Paris-based Dupuis Audiovisuel, will air on the preschool channel in early 2022.

The Smurfs originated in Belgium but shot to fame as a TV series that aired on NBC in the US on Saturday mornings from 1981, produced by Hanna-Barbera. The show follows more than 100 blue characters whose names are based on adjectives.

A coproduction with European broadcasters KiKa, TF1, VRT and RTBF, the new Smurfs series has been supported by Screen Flanders, the CNC and the Belgian tax shelter.


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