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ShortsTV adds BidSlate titles

Shorts International-owned network Shorts TV has agreed a programming deal with US distribution outfit BidSlate.

The three-year non-exclusive deal covers 11 titles and includes shorts such as A Chance in Hell (1×35′), Decay (1×15′) and PagPag (1×15′) alongside web series The Hotel Barclay (13×10′).

It spans territories including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and comes after Shorts International revealed its intention to expand the reach of ShortsTV earlier this year.

The transaction was completed via BidSlate, which allows TV and film properties to be bought and sold online. It was launched in October and is headed by co-founder and president Roland Rojas.

“Though they’ve long had their own Oscar category, shorts have yet to get their due in the marketplace,” said Rojas.

“Through licensing deals with outlets like ShortsTV, and a robust and growing catalogue of short films across every genre, we aim to help filmmakers and distributors build a more viable foundation for the format.”







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