28-30 NOVEMBER 2023

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CASE STUDY: A New Kind of Beautiful – The Fashion Hero

Date: Wednesday 29 November
Start time: 12.15pm |
Venue: Hansom Hall,
St Pancras Hotel
In this Content London Case Study session we delve into the successful reality TV series, A New Kind of Beautiful. We hear from creator, of The Fashion Hero Caroline Bernier and host of the series AJ McLean about how the TV series came about, it’s purpose and ambition and how the show is touching audiences and being sold around the world.

A New Kind of Beautiful:

Hosted by AJ McLean from The Backstreet Boys and filmed in South Africa, A New Kind of Beautiful (10 x 45′) presented by The Fashion Hero is a groundbreaking reality television series that breaks down the unrealistic standards of the beauty and fashion industry and redefines the perception and concept of beauty. 22 contestants of all shapes, sizes, genders, colours and from all around the globe compete in this unique series but only one winner will be chosen as the new face of A New Kind of Beautiful.

A New Kind of Beautiful encourages real people to be confident in who they are and just the way they are! It is not a series about Fashion. It is a series dedicated to helping real people discover what makes them unique, share their message with the world and feel good about themselves.

This inspiring series/format is universal and socially conscious. It is an entertaining TV series with a serious topic that builds up people. The body positivity movement is in full swing all around the world and the fashion and beauty industry promotes diversity and inclusion like never before.

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Speaking in this session

Caroline Bernier

Caroline Bernier

Creator and executive producer
The Fashion Hero
AJ McLean

AJ McLean

Singer, host
The Backstreet Boys and The Fashion Hero
Moderator Hayley McKenzie

Moderator Hayley McKenzie

CEO and founder
Script Angel