28-30 NOVEMBER 2023

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AI Case Studies – real adventures in generative creativity

Date: Wednesday 29 November
Start time: 2.15pm |
Venue: Hall 1,
Kings Place
Bringing together some of the most exciting creatives and projects in the business this AI Case Studies block takes you on a journey that showcases best practice and best use of the new technology.Panellists share practical use of AI across every aspect of content development and production featuring leading players at the cutting edge of generative AI creativity.


How to supercharge unscripted production with AI with Dreamspark

Dreamspark’s Moe Bennani and Julien Muresianu take a deep dive into the company’s AI-driven strategy of developing unscripted formats using AI. They share the latest formats at various stages, ranging from the initial concept to the final screen, shedding light on the proprietary tools crafted in-house, pivotal to realising their strategic vision. They also discuss the key metrics that play a crucial role in tracking their progress and success.


Tech associate

Getting animated with AI

From AI as a tool to help produce kid’s factual entertainment shorts, at low cost and quick to air, to start solving one of the biggest barriers to enable content to travel across the world to high end big brand animated series for global streamers and broadcasters.

Paul Robinson shares Kartoon Studio”s journey from Kid’s Fast Facts, to lip sync dubbing, using AI as a tool to improve production workflow at Mainframe Studios on shows including Barbie: It Takes Two and Unicorn Academy (recently the No.2 watched kids show on Netflix in the US and UK).


President, Kartoon Channel! Worldwide
Kartoon Studios

AI-Collaborative Story Visualization

Lore Machine is a story visualization system and studio that helps writers transform their text into multimedia adventures. Lore Machine’s system is a multimodal web application that harnesses the entire landscape of emerging generative technology to generate 2d and 3d imagery, audio and animation assets at story scale. Lore Machine’s studio gets hands on with enterprise partners, building generative workflows to help bring their visions to life. Let’s go behind the scenes and look at how the system works and how Lore Machine is building next gen content experiences using this powerful new toolset. 


Lore Machine

AI and the Evolution of Creative Development

The risks and opportunities of generative artificial intelligence in the TV industry. 
How will developing IP look in the near future? How will AI reshape the methods by which we develop every aspect of storytelling and the filmmaking process?  Chad Nelson, creative director, consultant for OpenAI and writer and director of the award-winning AI generated short-film, CRITTERZ, will explain how his development process has evolved since the release of Generative AI models such as Dall.E and ChatGPT, along with his predictions on how the filmmaking process will be shaped in future.


Creative director
Native Foreign

AI, rights and scale: threading the needle so we spin yarns safely

Tim Carter introduces the Artistic Rights Treasury™ (A.R.T.™) by Flawless, a technical and commercial rights management platform built for creative industries to use AI. Whether it’s process automation, content generation or creative decision making, AI tools are becoming a daily reality for artists, producers and distributors globally. Handling the consents, rights and creative works relating to these processes is a problem of increasing complexity and scale, demanding a new solution across tools, stakeholders and territories. Tim discusses how A.R.T. is being built to provide that solution.


VP of ecosystems

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