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Director: Alain Jacques, Martine Boyer, Dominique Jacques, Karine Ouellette, David Uloth

Producer: Diane England

Executive Producer: Brigitte Lemonde

Writer: Frédérick Wolfe

Cast: France Castel, Marcel Leboeuf, Sébastien René, Nicolas Germain-Vien, Phara Thibault, Lise Martin, Catherine Souffront, Rodley Pitt, Maxime Mailloux, Marie-Ève Beauregard, Éloi Cousineau

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Preschool

65 x 24min

The Loving-Laughing family (Raoul, Dalia, and their two kids, Milo and Zora) set out on a round-the-world sailing trip and by chance discover the most incredible island of them all. WhimsyWonder Island is a truly enchanting place where the most amazing characters come for rest and relaxation. It’s a magical, whimsical world that celebrates and elevates imagination and diversity. Members of the Loving-Laughing family rub shoulders daily with a woodland fairy, a werewolf child, a mermaid, an extraterrestrial, a young ghost, a yeti, and a grumpy troll with his sweet butterfly in tow.

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